Britax Frontier 85 Booster Car Seat Review

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The Britax Frontier 85 booster car seat is the ultimate car seat for parents who want their children to stay safe when travelling in cars. This car seat will provide your children with the most comfortable and safe travelling experience.

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This Britax Frontier car seat provides people with an innovative design that is comfortable for their child. The Britax Frontier 85 booster car seat has the highest 5 point harness capacity which allows a child to remain harnessed up to 85 pounds. It can also go up to 120 pounds in booster mode and thus, children of any size can easily fit into the seat and be safe while traveling.

Britax Frontier 85 Booster Car Seat Features & Specifications

  • Tangle free, 5-point harness with 10 harness height positions
  • Harnessed mode for child up to 85 pounds
  • Booster mode for child up to 120 pounds
  • True side impact protection
  • Patented versa-tether staged-release tether webbing
  • Anchors the top of the child seat at two points
  • Quick-adjust head restraint and no-rethread harness
  • 3 buckle positions for a secure and snug fit as your child grows

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The Britax Frontier 85 combination booster car seat also provides correct posture-support for children along with maximum security and protection. The Britax Frontier Car Seat provides protection from the sides as well and will protect your child if the car happens to experience an unexpected side-impact accident.

The patented Versa-Tether system in the Britax Frontier car seat provides the car seat with a staged-tether webbing that anchors the top of this car seat to the seat of your vehicle at two points. This greatly minimizes the forward movement of the britax booster seat when the vehicle is suddenly stopped. The Britax Frontier 85 booster car seat is adaptable to your growing child. The tangle-free harness of this car seat allows you to have 10 harness height positions. This allows you to adjust the car seat according to your child’s height as they grow. The material from which the Britax Frontier booster car seat has been produced is comfortable and your child will feel comfortable during long trips. This car seat is available in a multitude of colors such as canyon, pink sky and red rock.

Britax Frontier 85 Review

During my research on this product and the customer satisfaction that it provides, I found more than 352 reviews and 278 of these reviews were giving this product a 5 star rating on This doesn’t come as a surprise as Britax products have always provided its customers with top quality and functionality. Though some customers found the price of the Britax Frontier booster car seat a little expensive, even they agreed that the price didn’t matter as the product offered superior quality, functionality as well as greater safety for their child. Many customers even said that this product is better than the other child car seats currently available in the market and that investing in the Britax Frontier 85 booster car seat is the right thing to do. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Everyone has opinions and some people have complained about how difficult it is to install the car seat properly in the vehicle. This product comes with an easy to read manual and if one follows the instructions carefully then they can easily install the product in their car.

After going through all of the reviews regarding the Britax Frontier 85 booster car seat and the features that it provides its customers, I strongly recommend this product for parents who take the safety of their children seriously. There is something in this product that led people to give it a five star rating. Click here to SAVE $87 on the Britax Frontier 85 Booster Seat for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Hanan June 12th, 2012 (#)

has previously been in a Radian XT and a Graco Nautilus. He started to complain about the crotch strap being tight on both seats- I looked at it closer and it turns out the straps were coming out from underneath him even though they were on the furthest setting out- in both seats! We tried the Frontier 85 and he was much more comfortable- he has at least an inch or two until he’ll be up against the crotch strap in the FN 85. I was worried about install, especially after reading about the original Frontier not installing well (or at all) in Toyotas. I had the FN 85 installed with the seat-belt in my ’05 Highlander within 10 minutes, and that includes trying the short belt path first (I had to recline the seat and use the long belt path, but I have a rock solid install.) It really helps to watch the Britax install videos before trying to install it, as I could see how I would have had some trouble if I didn’t watch the video first. The 9 year lifespan of the set is also a huge bonus!

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