Clek Oobr Booster Car Seat Review

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With its unique safety features, the Clek Oobr booster car seat is the product for you if you’re looking for a way to minimize the chances of injury to your child during car rides. Click here to buy from Amazon with 27% discount Now!

The Clek Oobr booster seat is ideal for you if you want to provide your child with the highest level of protection possible. This product features the True Side impact Protection. This feature helps in minimizing the force of impact if your vehicle happens to experience a side impact accident. During such an accident, the Clek Oobr booster car seat’s solid head support and deep side walls and the metal substructure works effectively together to evenly distribute the accidents impact’s force away from your child. This allows your child to remain safe and protected from the accident’s force.

Clek Oobr Booster Car Seat Features

  • Metal substructure improves side impact protection
  • Rigid latch system locks the booster in place
  • Removable back for backless use with older child
  • Reclines to keep child safe and comfortable
  • Moisture, stain and bacteria resistance with crypton super fabrics

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Your child’s head, neck and spine are in proper alignment that provides both a comfortable sitting experience and lessens injury during an accident, due to the seats unique design. The Clek Oobr booster car seat features the SafeGuard technology. This SafeGuard technology works with your vehicle’s own safety belt. The SafeGuard clip tends to hold the lap portion of the seat belt in place and thus, it prevents your child from slipping under the lap belt and prevents the risk of abdominal injury.

You can be sure that you are providing your child with the ultimate level of safety when you are using the Clek Oobr booster car seat. An energy-absorbing EPD foam liner that gives your child more cushioning for safety and comfort is also present in the booster car seat. The high-density comfort foam supports your child’s body and provides proper alignment due to the unique padding present in this Clek car seat. Your child experiences greater safety and comfort during long car trips due to the proper alignment system.

The safety belts that are featured in this product are easy to assemble and provide your child with proper safety and comfort. The Clek Oobr booster car seat can be adjusted to accommodate your growing child so, it is a great investment and the back is removable for older children. The armrests featured in the Clek booster seat are durable and comfortable for your child. The crypton super fabric provides you with greater ease when you have to clean this product.

Clek Oobr Review

Like all other Clek Oobr products, the Clek Oobr booster car seat has satisfied its purchasers to the maximum. During my research regarding this product I came across a lot of positive customer reviews. The average rating that reviewers have given this product is of four and a half stars. The reviewers have praised the quality of this product and its safety features along with its durable structure. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

One of the reviewers has complained about experiencing trouble with the safety belt adjustments. This problem can be avoided by properly reading the instruction manual that comes with this clek oobr car seat.

Having gone through all of the customer reviews that this product has received, I would recommend the Clek Oobr booster car seat to every parent who wants to provide their child with the proper protection during car rides. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Anais June 13th, 2012 (#)

The seat is well designed and exactly as advertised. My son likes it and it’s comfortable. He’s turning 7 next week and prefers the backless belt-positioning booster to a harness booster (like I prefer). We have the Safecargo seats for travel, and I was very happy with those as harness seats. They also attach with LATCH as a backless booster, and have decent cushioning, but my son cannot easily buckle and unbuckle himself, so he doesn’t like it as much. Also, he is now just a bit too tall in the torso for the Safecargo harness system. The Olli’s arm rests are higher and give him easier access to get in and out of the car himself. I like that the Olli positions him higher than the other backless boosters we’ve had (a Cosco freebie from ToysRUs, and the Safecargo) so the belt is positioned better. It is also an inch thicker (5 ) at the end under his knees which leans him back into the seat more and prevents him from leaning or sliding forward in the seat, and again keeps the lap belt in a better position.My only problem with the Clek Olli is that the rigid LATCH system does not work in all vehicles. Being rigid it is not adjustable at all it is a permanent standard width. Unfortunately that means I cannot use this seat with the LATCH attached in my husbands’ Honda Accord Hybrid. This is more of a reflection of a poorly designed LATCH system in the Honda than on the Clek booster seat. I believe Honda did this specifically because of the side impact airbags. The Honda design team located their lower anchors towards the middle of the two outer seats. You cannot put a seat with rigid (non adjustable) LATCH in the middle seat. Also the seat belt is located between the two lower anchors for each outer seat, so you cannot attach a belt positioning booster with LATCH and use the vehicle seat belt. I could use the seat without attaching the lower anchors, but that was a feature I really wanted, and it seems to be something the Honda design team was trying to avoid, probably for safety. The Clek Olli works perfectly in my Jeep which is designed better. I could also fit 3 Cleks across the back of my Liberty if I needed to do that. My younger son is very small for 5, and still needs a harness booster seat, so we aren’t ready for another Olli yet, but it would allow me to safely transport an extra friend.

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