Safety 1st Go Hybrid Convertible Booster Review

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The Safety 1st Go Hybrid convertible booster is a safe and reliable product ideal for travel. This is due to its fold up design.  It has a five point harness for children weighing upto 65 lbs.  Once the kids grow up a bit, it can be repositioned as a backless booster for kids weighing upto 100 pounds and 57’’.  The five point harness is a sure shot safety feature in the event of an accident.  It keeps the child completely secure.

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It installs easily in 90 seconds or less and at 9 pounds is very light. One user has done it apparently, in 30 seconds.  The main reason for such an easy install is because the back is soft and folded down when you are installing the set, which helps you to get better accessibility to the seatbelt and also better visibility.  It comes with its own travel bag. Both taking in and taking out of the car is pretty easy.  It needs to be tethered at the top in harness mode.

Safety 1st Go Hybrid Booster Seat Features & Specifications

  • Lightweight with unique folding design and installs in under 1 minute
  • Use harness up to 65 pounds, easy harness height adjustments
  • Belt positioning booster for child up to 100 pounds and 57″

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The Features of Safety 1st booster seat include a flexible back rest that takes the shape of the rear seat of the car. If the rear seat is inclined we get the same incline in the Hybrid seat, children love it.  The back can be folded back onto the seat.

Safety 1st Go Hybrid Review

The Hybrid has a slim and compact design. One of the reviews says that because of the slim design of the seat, it saves a lot of space in the rear seat.  Even after installing two Safety 1st Go Hybrid booster car seat, there was place enough to make a third passenger comfortable.

Many users vouch for the safety feature of this convertible booster seat. In fact, a review mentioned about how their child’s life was saved during an accident, purely due to this seat.  What better review do we need?  In all, safety comes first. Click here to read more reviews.

One of the negative reviews mentions that there are no backpack straps on the bag but the lady who reviewed dismissed it as a minor issue.  Armrests are covered with cloth so makes it a little difficult to clean. Headrest pushes the head forward. Not for tall children. Few missed the presence of a cup holder, which of course was dismissed by them as minor.

A Few users felt that the Safety 1st Go Hybrid booster seat is not suited for older models of cars as they are not equipped with a hook behind the seat which is essential for installing the car seat. Also, some feel that the back is completely upright with no side support which makes it uncomfortable for a sleeping child.

Going by the exclusive features and positive reviews which I have read about the Hybrid, I will recommend this car seat to all parents on the go. You can set aside safety worries about your child, during travel and better still, your little one is going to love the size, comfort and design of the Safety 1st Go Hybrid convertible booster. Click here to SAVE $96 on the Safety 1st booster seat for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Lukas June 12th, 2012 (#)

I absolutely LOVE this product! It was a little hard to install in my car, but that’s because of the shape of the seats. My owners manual for my car suggested the center for forward facing and it fit perfectly. My daughter absolutely loves this seat. The reason I got it was because she is constantly falling asleep, and the last car seat I had did not support her head well. She can now sleep comfortably without her head falling forward. I would definitely recommend this product! Well worth the money.

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