Britax Parkway SGL Booster Seat Review

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If you want to keep your child safe and secure during car rides then the Britax Parkway SGL booster seat is the product for you. With its innovative design and sate of the art leading technology, this product is an ideal when it comes to providing safety for your child.

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The Britax Parkway booster seat has a lot of features such as: True Side Impact Protection, ISOFLEX Flexible Lower LATCH Connection System and a Secure-Guard anti-submarining technology. All of the features work together to manage crash forces and minimize the injury to your child during an unfortunate accident. This product is ideal for children from 40 to 120 pounds. This britax parkway sgl booster also has extra features such as retractable cup holders and a removable cover for easy cleaning of the Booster Seat.

Britax Parkway SGL Booster Features & Specifications

  • Isoflextm flexible lower latch connection system
  • Secure-Guard anti-submarining technology
  • True side impact protection with energy-absorbing eps foam
  • ISOFLEXTM Flexible Lower latch Connection System

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The ISOFLEX Flexible Lower LATCH system secures the Britax Parkway booster seat to your vehicle. This connection system is easy to use and in just two clicks and a pull on either side of the Booster Seat, provides a sturdy and firm anchor. This anchor helps in stabilizing the seat during an accident or when the vehicle is suddenly stopped and it also stops the seat from behaving like a projectile when it isn’t in use.

The Secure-Guard Technology that was mentioned above works with your vehicle’s own safety belt. The Secure-Guard clip holds the lap portion of the seat belt in place, which prevents the child from sliding under the lap belt and from causing abdominal injury. This britax car seat has a True Side Impact Protection feature. This allows the Booster Seat to provide protection to your child if your vehicle happens to experience an unfortunate side accident. The design of this parkway sgl booster lessens the force of impact of an accident by directing it away from your child and distributing it evenly in the seat’s body. This also protects your child from vehicle intrusion and keeps your child’s head and body aligned to prevent and limit injury. The retractable cup holders and comfortable arm rests provides your child with extra comfort. The design of this product also gives your child proper posture support. This britax parkway booster can also be adjusted to fit your growing child.

Britax Parkway SGL Review

During my research regarding the Britax Parkway SGL booster seat I came across 58 customer reviews on alone. Around 39 reviewers have given this product five stars and the average rating of this product in the website is of 4.5 stars. Many of the reviewers have praised the product and its amazing features such as True Side Impact Protection and the easy latch connections present in this Britax Parkway SGL booster car seat. Reviewers have also praised the fact that the cover can be easily detached for proper cleaning. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

One of the reviewers has complained that the strap system isn’t easy to use and that the price of this product is too high. You can easily figure out how to correctly use the latch system in this britax parkway booster if you carefully read the instruction manual. The price of this product in my understanding is fair as this product offers superior protection to your child along with other features.

After my research of this product I would recommend the Britax Parkway SGL booster seat to all of you who want a high quality car seat for their child. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

DwyBintang June 12th, 2012 (#)

Buy Two! We’ve had the seat now for 3 weeks and no crying! My husband asks me everyday How was she in the car and everyday I say GREAT! We bought a second one for the other car. Installation This is the easiest car seat I have ever installed, we use the latch system in the Prius and in my mother’s car. IT is so much easier than the latch with the Graco seat. Using latch it takes only minutes to go from one car to another. In the Subaru we use the regular shoulder/seat belt (it’s 8 years old so latch wasn’t available). Which I still like better than the Graco. It is quite expensive, but to us well worth it. If you’re still reading this then you want this seat! (It doesn’t feed hungry babies, so they may still fuss.) A year late My daughter is 15 months now and the seat is still wonderful! We now have the seat facing forward and we still love this car seat.

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